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Virtual Christenings

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby

Planning a Christening celebration although exciting and an extremely joyous event, can be a stressful endeavor, especially during this pandemic.

For these difficult times, where celebrations are done only by necessity, we help you through the process by keeping your family safe and sound.  Also, a pioneering service we offer to comply with Covid19 restrictions including all your beloved friends to your event is guidance and management of an online live broadcasting of your baby christening.

Let us save you time and reduce stress by assisting you in organizing all the elements of your celebration leaving you and your family to thoroughly enjoy your baby’s very special, once in a lifetime event.

We are experienced event coordinators and specialize in organizing christenings from the traditional right through to the unique and frontend. We will implement all your ideas and desires to create your beautiful baby’s christening virtual event.

Virtual Christening Event Booking Overall

  • Contact the church and book a date.
  • Assist with hymn selection.
  • Propose names of available priests near your location and book accordingly.
  • Assist in booking flowers and decorations for the church and your home.
  • Assist with clothing and accessories.
  • Prepare and sent out virtual invitations.
  • Book a video maker and a support team for online broadcasting.
  • Propose the home catering, decoration, and disinfection.

Clothing and Accessories

We will assist in sourcing your personalized baptismal candle/shawl/blanket /christening robe and booties of choice. We can recommend and arrange a virtual meeting for you with a Stylist. We can assist in sourcing your family accessories and outfits.

Virtual Invitations

Baptism virtual invitation cards/banners organized by our event planners. Invitation styling suggestions can be provided, sourced, and confirmed. Also, with the help of a recommended graphic designer the invitations can be written, designed, and sent.

Video maker/ Live Broadcasting

Find a list of exceptional video makers to film your baby christening and hire a team of professionals to manage the broadcasting process for sharing this valuable time with your beloved ones without troubleshooting and connectivity problems.


Christening celebrations at home guidance.

We can assist you with catering options and menu selection with different dietary options.

We can arrange for caterers to bring the food and beverages to your home, or we can arrange collection from your chosen food provider.


Additionally, we recommend cleaning companies before and after the close circle celebration, to disinfect your home for the family.


We can suggest and organize for floral arrangements drop offs, online musicians to create the right atmosphere for celebrating such a memorable event from the safety of your home. Unique decor ideas can be suggested, sourced as you wish and delivered at your place.

For general queries, we would be delighted to hear from you by phone or email.